Former President Donald Trump’s best behavior with a worker

When former American President Donald Trump sent some money and food to a laborer’s home, what were the reactions of that laborer? In today’s video I will tell you what you will be surprised to know and you will also fall in love with Donald Trump who is the former President of the United States like me. I request you to start my video. First you must like the video and if you are watching the video for the first time then subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to click the bell icon so that you can get notification of more upcoming videos on time.

Former President Donald Trump is a sophisticated person and has a heart for the poor people of America. What I have seen in Mr. Donald Trump is that Donald Trump is not enough to distribute all his lifetime wealth to all the poor. So that no one will be poor in America, this is the reason why Mr. Donald Trump works day and night and keeps talking about the rights of the poor. Once an innocent person who came to Donald Trump’s house for some work After finishing, Mr. Donald Trump addressed him and asked his name. After telling him his name, he found out that his name is Asif and this is a very compelling person. Donald Trump asked which country he was from. Told that I am from Los Angeles, asked about family, he said that I do not have a house to live in and family is currently in a rented house, in which it has become very difficult to live and cannot find work. Which made former US President Donald Trump curious to know more and started asking more questions and also started inquiring the poor man whether he was telling the truth that he had enough money to eat. There is no home. After researching, it was found that this person is telling the truth, he does not have a home to live. Buy some clothes and if you need some money contact me I will continue to help you that worker is still thankful to Mr. Donald Trump Former US President Donald Trump continues to do such excellent work to make people happy. Received notice

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