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Former President Donald Trump has a great personality about which you may not know
The former American President Donald Trump is a sensitive person, the example of the sense of humanity in him is not found in any other president till date.
American President Mr. Donald Trump is a kind-hearted person. I hope that you will be surprised to know about him today and you will also love Donald Trump like me. Mr. Trump is a very good person.

Once the President Donald Trump was on a visit to India and while going in the car And he saw some poor peoples, he asked the President of India Mr. Modi to stop and introduce me to these poor peoples Right Now, I want to know something about them.
Former US President Donald Trump did not stop at Mr. Modi’s refusal to pay lakhs and started insisting on meeting the poor Peoples, after which Narendra Modi also had to obey President Donald Trump and finally turned the car towards the poor. Went, where Mr. Donald Trump asked the poor separately whether he has his own house or not. Have you eaten or not? Whether you drank water or not, the poor who did not have water or food, Mr. Donald Trump distributed all the water bottles in his car to the poor and gave them the best advice to work hard for their future. He also said that get education, educate your children, education can change the destiny of any nation
I was with Donald Trump then and since then I have only one goal in life to learn as much as I can and gather as much information as I can, love my work and work hard and work for humanity.

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